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GBW Playdate: State of Decay 2 05/16/2018

2018-05-16 54:43 Features

Let's check on the state of things!

Get in the Ring III

2018-05-16 22:24 Features

Polygonal grappling expert Pat Gill joins us to slam some brands, and talk about what's going on in the wild world of wrestling.

Giant Bombcast 532: Hard Onboard

2018-05-15 37:00 Giant Bombcast

The good ship E3 has sprung a few leaks, and Will Smith is here to help us bail as fast as we can. Also: State of Decay 2, Frostpunk, the new Dota Battle Pi... uh, Pass, the Rage 2 announcement, Star Fox Karts, and your emails!

Quick Look: Floor Kids

2018-05-15 20:35 Quick Looks

Yo we gotta get down and jam so we can save the rec center!

Ranking of Fighters 0013: Fighters Destiny and BIO F.R.E.A.K.S.

2018-05-14 05:45 Features

We may be a researcher down, but we down to some S.C.I.E.N.C.E.!

Quick Look: BattleTech

2018-05-13 15:08 Quick Looks

Managing a mercenary group of mechs takes a lot of patience, hard work, and jumping.

Quick Look: City of Brass

2018-05-12 26:52 Quick Looks

I say whip it! Whip it good!

Best of Giant Bomb 145 - You’re Gonna Finish It!

2018-05-12 10:09 Best of Giant Bomb

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Ben's Lens: Death Race

2018-05-11 08:39 Features

Ben Hur eat your heart out.

VRodeo 12: Skyrim VR, Beat Saber, and Starbear: Taxi

2018-05-11 00:37 Features

FUS-RO-DAYUM that beat is hot!